Healing, Resilience and Preventing Extremism / IAHV

Prévention et réduction de la violence dans la vie des enfants affectés par la guerre en Jordanie et au Liban



A 9th grader from Beddawi shared :
There were all those emotions inside me: frustration, anger, hatred, pain. When I did this exercise, I felt that these feelings, which I have been using in my life have all vanished. And when I had my hands closed I felt that all those feelings were trapped inside. And when I opened my eyes, I felt something went out of my body and I felt deeply rested, as if I became another person… I felt calmness. Feelings of frustration, anger, hatred, sadness and pain have vanished from my body. Thank you very much for getting us out of this entanglement… Thank you very much.


An 8th grader from Beddawi shared:
When I completed this exercise, I felt great rest and relaxation, as if I got rid of all the aches and anxieties that were inside me.
When I opened my eyes, I felt reassured and safe as if I was reborn in a new world.
When I opened my hands, I felt that the feelings which have been inhibiting my self-confidence and my courage have left my body… and when I got rid of them [negative feelings], I regained self-confidence and I felt the courage and determination filling my entire body.