List of projects by theme :

Ongoing projects (15)

Toekomst Atelier De l'Avenir

Motivate teenagers to engage in life with a positive self-image and to face society and the world of work with confidence

M'Lop Tapang / EPIC

Working with children, youth, their families & their communities

Paz y Arte / Proyectarte

Psychosocial support and peace education through theatre

A better future for the young people of La Costa / ACTEC

Inclusion of disadvantaged Afro-Ecuadorian young people and adults through high-quality training

SAFA / Supporting schooling in a Hyderabad shanty town

Schooling for girls and awareness-raising among children about health, the environment and their basic rights in the shanty towns of Hyderabad

SRA Sisters / Supporting socio-educational and medical activities, State of Karnataka.

Helping 'outcast', orphaned and physically disabled children and young people through education and helping them to thrive

EALE, INUKA project (Get up and make progress)

Community support for the socio-economic reintegration of girls and their siblings in the east of the DRC

Maison Ecole / Muetu Don Bosco Centre

Food and health support and protection of children at risk

Maison Ecole la Voix des Anges

A school for hearing-impaired children on the Island of Idjwi

Racines & Bourgeons / KIS

School of Excellence in North Kivu

Previous interventions (17)

Happy and Healthy Children: Community Education Centres) / BICE

2011 → 2016
Sustainable actions for 'comprehensive' community education in order to enable children, families and communities to become empowered in effecting their own personal and social change

'Les ouvreurs de portes' (Let Opportunity In) / Action Vivre Ensemble

2014 → 2018
Actions to benefit disadvantaged children and/or children in distress in Belgium

Surplas / Habbekrats

2012 → 2018
Listening and support for young people in distress, Brussels / Belgium

Levanta-te Menina / Assojyo

2007 → 2008
Providing care, education, training and socio-economic integration for girls removed from parental care by the authorities.

Maison Shalom - REMA hospital

2006 → 2015
Implementation and operation of a referral hospital in Ruyigi

'Ayiti Kanpe' / Salesian Sisters and 'Mains ouvertes' (Open Hands)

2011 → 2018
Educational and technical training centres for children and young people from very poor backgrounds, whose difficulties (financial, family, etc.) were exacerbated by the 2010 earthquake

Emergency intervention in the field of education, following the earthquake of January 2010

Renovation of damaged classrooms for the 600 pupils of a school in Port-au-Prince.

Train the trainer / Red Pencil

Develop a “Train the Trainer” programme for Red Pencil International

Supporting the education of Iraqi and Syrian refugee children / CNEWA-PM

2011 → 2015
Education of refugee children and adolescents living in poverty

Bukra Ahla - A better tomorrow / SB Overseas

2015 → 2018
Catch-up programme for young Syrian refugees in Lebanon

'Centre Sainte famille' (Holy Family Centre) / Foyer de l’Espérance

2007 → 2008
Improving the social situation of disabled girls

'Jabolo – Diabolo’ / 'Les 2 côtés' (Two sides) BE-ML

2008 → 2010
Improving schooling conditions in a small bush village

Hosting disadvantaged children

Contribution to the purchase of a plot of land and construction of a school in the shanty town of Soweto (Jinja).

Medical libraries / CPS-Kangu

Democratic Republic of Congo
2012 → 2014
Building medical libraries

Fighting poverty / Mékong Plus

2007 → 2012
Support for schooling, family economics and small infrastructure benefiting very poor families