List of projects by theme :

Ongoing projects (8)

'Les ouvreurs de portes' (Let Opportunity In) / Action Vivre Ensemble

Actions to benefit disadvantaged children and/or children in distress in Belgium

Toekomst Atelier De l'Avenir

Motivate teenagers to engage in life with a positive self-image and to face society and the world of work with confidence

Living and growing despite the trauma of exile / Red Pencil

Art therapy programme at reception centres for asylum seekers in Belgium

Paz y Arte / Proyectarte

Psychosocial support and peace education through theatre

SAFA / Supporting schooling in a Hyderabad shanty town

Schooling for girls and awareness-raising among children about health, the environment and their basic rights in the shanty towns of Hyderabad

SRA Sisters / Supporting socio-educational and medical activities, State of Karnataka.

Helping 'outcast', orphaned and physically disabled children and young people through education and helping them to thrive

Healing, Resilience and Preventing Extremism / IAHV

Preventing and reducing violence in the lives of war-affected children in Jordan and Lebanon

EALE, INUKA project (Get up and make progress)

Community support for the socio-economic reintegration of girls and their siblings in the east of the DRC

Previous interventions (9)

Happy and Healthy Children: Community Education Centres) / BICE

2011 → 2016
Sustainable actions for 'comprehensive' community education in order to enable children, families and communities to become empowered in effecting their own personal and social change

Projet Relais / Synergies 14

Enabling foreign minors to become independent

Surplas / Habbekrats

2012 → 2018
Listening and support for young people in distress, Brussels / Belgium

Levanta-te Menina / Assojyo

2007 → 2008
Providing care, education, training and socio-economic integration for girls removed from parental care by the authorities.

Hosting and supporting street children in Bangalore

Hosting rural children who have emigrated to Bangalore; helping these children to return to their original communities.

Supporting the education of Iraqi and Syrian refugee children / CNEWA-PM

2011 → 2015
Education of refugee children and adolescents living in poverty

Health and well-being of vulnerable children in Bamako

Medical, psychological and socio-educational care for Bamako's street children

Fighting poverty / Mékong Plus

2007 → 2012
Support for schooling, family economics and small infrastructure benefiting very poor families
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