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Realization of the association La Ruelle, this lexicon was composed by young people of diverse origins to whom the association offered the opportunity of a playful and positive awareness of stereotypical ways of thinking.

"We have contributed to broadening the boundaries of their conceptual universe through a reflection on the meaning of words and expressions placed in a context of discussions and encounters, and we have helped them to increase their capacity for imagination and creativity. We accompanied them to learn how to handle different tools and to discover new creative expression techniques. "

Capitalization manual on the "Healthy and Happy Children: Centers of Popular Education" initiative, conducted with the support of BICE in Puerto Piray (Argentina), this document aims to spread around the chosen methodology.

Every year, during the summer months, La Ruelle hosts creative expression workshops for children and adults in the Liedekerke park.

In 2015, the reflection focused on cultural and identity differentiation, centered on interculturality and living together.

This little booklet is the result.