List of projects by continent :

Ongoing projects (9)

'Les ouvreurs de portes' (Let Opportunity In) / Action Vivre Ensemble

Actions to benefit disadvantaged children and/or children in distress in Belgium

ACTE / Fondation ULB

Autism in Context: Theory and Experiment project Discover language barriers in autism. Convert this know-how into early intervention techniques.

Chorale Les fantastiques

A choir for adolescents with autism from the School "Les Fantastiques"


Making disability work Support and advice to help the disabled enter the job market

'École des 4 Vents' (Four Winds School)

Special-needs secondary school for young people with autism

Surplas / Habbekrats

Listening and support for young people in distress, Brussels / Belgium

Toekomst Atelier De l'Avenir

Motivate teenagers to engage in life with a positive self-image and to face society and the world of work with confidence

Living and growing despite the trauma of exile / Red Pencil

Art therapy programme at reception centres for asylum seekers in Belgium

Previous interventions (1)

Projet Relais / Synergies 14

Enabling foreign minors to become independent