List of projects by continent :

Ongoing projects (2)

Paz y Arte / Proyectarte

Psychosocial support and peace education through theatre

'Ayiti Kanpe' / Salesian Sisters and 'Mains ouvertes' (Open Hands)

Educational and technical training centres for children and young people from very poor backgrounds, whose difficulties (financial, family, etc.) were exacerbated by the 2010 earthquake

Previous interventions (5)

Happy and Healthy Children: Community Education Centres) / BICE

2011 → 2016
Sustainable actions for 'comprehensive' community education in order to enable children, families and communities to become empowered in effecting their own personal and social change

Levanta-te Menina / Assojyo

2007 → 2008
Providing care, education, training and socio-economic integration for girls removed from parental care by the authorities.

Emergency intervention in the field of education, following the earthquake of January 2010

Renovation of damaged classrooms for the 600 pupils of a school in Port-au-Prince.

Emergency aid following hurricane Carlotta, for the restoration of houses

Financial contributions to help families replace the sheet metal roofing of their homes.