SAFA / Supporting schooling in a Hyderabad shanty town

Schooling for girls and awareness-raising among children about health, the environment and their basic rights in the shanty towns of Hyderabad



Testimonial about Asma

Asma Begum. Her father sells vegetables, she had dropped out of school and lost all interest in studying. She also joined our production group for women, and re-enrolled in school after a gap of one year. Today she is on the way to studying. She is a performer with 90% attendance and a top student in the MLT (Medical Lab Technician) class at Froebels Junior College.

Testimonial about Shabaz

Shabaz lives with his maternal grandmother. His elder brother Arbaz is benefitting from the Neenv project organised by SAFA (JFP Foundation). Three children including Shabaz live in their grandmother’s home and they are all orphans. Zubaida Begum, a 60 year-old widow, and Shabaz’s brother and cousin Ismail live together. Shabaz mother’s died by suicide (it is suspected that she burnt to death – the case went unreported) when Shabaz was only eight months old. After his mother’s death his father ran away and is still missing. After this incident all the responsibility for Shabaz was taken over by Zubaida Begum. But Zubaida could not send him to school as she has a minimal income. SAFA has adopted Shabaz as a NEENV project beneficiary and has mainstreamed him. He now continues with a regular school education. Today Shabaz is in the sixth class and he performs well in school.