Paz y Arte / Proyectarte

Psychosocial support and peace education through theatre



“In the past, I suffered a lot because of everything we’d been put through. I thought about taking revenge, and I discovered that this anger was like a blazing furnace I was carrying around in my hands. When I was able to recognise that, I felt calmer. I felt like I needed to start again and keep living.”

“The memory that the war left in our territory is a painful one. As young people, we're still not aware of the importance of reconstructing it. That’s why it’s essential, because a community that doesn’t know its past is condemned to repeat it. Proyectarte's ‘Art and Peace’ project allows us to learn about the history of our region and give it new meaning.”

“Magical things happen on this ‘Paz y Arte’ project: theatre can be made out of life itself, out of who we are. We perform fragments of our life story that took place during the hardship of the war, and I feel myself becoming calmer. I think about how I could contribute to my vibrant country.”