'École des 4 Vents' (Four Winds School)

Special-needs secondary school for young people with autism




I think this school is the one best suited to me. It's a school where you're not judged for being different. I used to have trouble keeping up in class because of stress. Sometimes I still get stressed out but I can handle it better and so can the staff.


For me, Ecole des 4 Vents is absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life. I wish that all young people with the same problems could have the same experience.


This is my fifth year in this school and I've always liked it. In the beginning I was afraid, but now I've got terrific friends (Bill, Elias and Gabriel). I see myself as part of this prestigious 'family' that I originally turned to for a boost, but now it's entirely different: I'll be sticking with this school for good.


Our school is special because it accepts young people with high-functioning autism and everyone finds his place here. Another strength of this school is that it evolves with us over time.

I owe a lot to this school because without it I never would have learned or experienced certain things or had the chance to meet certain people.


When I came here in September 2009, I knew almost nothing about everyday life or computers and how to work. Over the years, I've learned different things about computers, as well as  social rules and business French, where we learned for example how to greet customers, how to use different forms of language, how to answer the phone, write a letter, and so on. In short, this school teaches us what we need to become integrated in everyday life.